Haichao Zhang

I am a 2nd-Year Computer Engineering PhD Canadiate at Northeastern University, USA, where I am part of the SMILE Lab, under the guidance of IEEE Fellow Professor Yun Raymond Fu.

Prior to this, I obtained my M.Sc Degree at Zhejiang University(ZJU). At Tencent(腾讯), I worked as an research intern under the supervision of Gang Yu, in which I mainly worked on Generative Models for image and video. I was also a visiting student/remote intern at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) for three months.

I am actively seeking for a research internship in 2024. Please feel free to contact me.

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First-Author Research

My research lies in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Aims to explore the potential of generative models for AIGC and Trajectory Prediction. I worked on Diffusion Models, AIGC, VLM, Video Synthesis/Editing, Image Editing, Multimodal Learning, Trajectory Prediction, NeRF, GANs.

OOSTraj: Out-of-Sight Trajectory Prediction With Vision-Positioning Denoising
Haichao Zhang, Yi Xu, Hongsheng LuTakayuki Shimizu, Yun Fu
(First work on out-of-sight trajectory prediction.)

IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2024 (CVPR'24)
[to be appear soon] [arxiv] [project page] [code]

Layout Sequence Prediction From Noisy Mobile Modality
(See Beyond Vision: Denoising Diffusion Model for Layout Trajectory Prediction from Noisy Mobile Modality)
Haichao Zhang, Yi Xu, Hongsheng LuTakayuki Shimizu, Yun Fu

31st ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM'23)[arxiv][project page][video][code(coming soon)]

Camouflaged Image Synthesis Is All You Need to Boost Camouflaged Detection
Haichao Zhang, Can Qin, Yu Yin, Yun Fu
In subission [arxiv]

Sketch Me A Video
Haichao ZhangGang Yu, Tao Chen, Guozhong Luo

Fine-grained Identity Preserving Landmark Synthesis for Face Reenactment
Haichao Zhang, Youcheng Ben, Weixi Zhang, Tao Chen, Gang Yu, Bin Fu

Restore DeepFakes Video Frames by Identifying Individual Motion Styles
Haichao Zhang, Zhe-Ming Lu, Hao Luo, Ya-Pei Feng
Electronic Letters [page]
Some Very Old Projects

Several years ago, I delved into the fascinating world of sensor modalities and signal processing, sparking a keen interest in embedded platforms. That experience led me to explore further into artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Wheelchair Control System via analysis eye-blinking EMG and EEG

Provincial Grand Prize at the Challenge Cup Competition of Science Achievement in China
project video (in Chinese)
Mar. 2017

Proposed to detect eye blink EMG noise mixed in EEG signal, which uses the intense eye blink signal to control the direction of wheelchairs, while analysis EEG to predict tension and relaxation degree to control the speed of the wheelchair.

An affordable solution for paralyzed patients to control their wheelchairs and move independently.

Low power abnormal ECG detection system based on MSP430

National First Prize at National Biomedical Engineering Innovative Design Competition
project video (in Chinese)
Nov. 2016

Responsible for developing upper computer software which received and filtered signals in the spectral domain from the MSP430 PCB board and developing an algorithm to detect the abnormal ECG.

Sign language recognition system of wearable bending sensor gloves

First Prize at Mobile Application Innovation Contest of North China
Jul. 2016

Responsible for programming the embedding microprocessor to sample the analog signal of the bending sensor on the gloves, which is used to predict the sign language, and showing prediction results on the app.

Vision-based paper money and coin sorting machine

Summer 2015

Responsible for programming the embedding microprocessors to control the mechanical structure and developing upper machine software to detect the kind of paper money in traditional image processing method, then sort them.

Multimedia Information Hiding Technology of Unstructured Data

Alibaba-ZJU Joint Research Institute of Frontier Technologies Research Project
Summer 2018

Responsible for developing C++ software "Shared Memory Based Code Hiding Platform.

Particpated in video stream watermarking algorithm.

Selected Honors& Awards

ACM MM Travel Grant Award  ACM SIGMM
National Biomedical Engineering Innovative Design Competition  National First Prize
Challenge Cup Competition of Science Achievement in China  Provincial Grand Prize
Mobile Application Innovation Contest of North China  Provincial First Prize
'Holtek cup' microcontroller application and design competition, Tianjin (6/453, < 1.3%)  Provincial First Prize
Tianjin IOT Innovation and Engineering Application Design Competition  Provincial First Prize
Tianjin Undergraduate Robotics Competition  Provincial First Prize
Tianjin International Student Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition  Provincial Second Prize
Northern China Robotics Competition  Provincial Second Prize
Academic Service



Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)
ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM)
ICCV 2023 Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures (ICCVW)
CVPR 2024 AI for Content Creation workshop (CVPRW)


Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTA)
ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD)


Teaching Assistant

DS5020 Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Probability for Data Science
DS5110 Introduction to Data Management

Education& Research Experience

Beyond my research endeavors, I find joy in a variety of activities. Kayaking and hiking allow me to appreciate nature's beauty, while playing Dota 2 offers a thrilling escape into strategic gameplay. Photography is a newer passion of mine, and I'm eager to explore this creative outlet further.


An interesting tidbit about my preferred name:

When someone says "Hi, Charles," it sounds remarkably like my first name, "Haichao." This phonetic coincidence inspired me to embrace "Charles" as my chosen name recently. So, feel free to greet me with "Hi, Charles" when we meet!